Slaying Dragons and Saving the Princesses

We all had to study William Shakespeare in High School and Middle School.  Othello, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and of course, Romeo & Juliet.  A lot of schools will go and try to reinforce these lessons with more interactive sessions, generally focused around the Renaissance period.  As a result, for several years in a row, the teachers would organize a bus trip to a Renaissance festival several hours away.  The classic high school trip.  Lots of kids on a travel bus, not a school bus in this case, listening to CD’s, talking, getting to know each other, and pushing limits.  The first few years it kept growing and growing.  By junior year, the girl I had a crush on since 6th grade, and another girl that was largely just a friend, but I did like went.  We got there, and I was an old pro at the Ren Fest from the previous couple years.  Needless to say, once inside the fair grounds, all of the students broke up into different groups and went off to do their thing.  For me, I somehow was fortunate enough to end up with both of them.  We had a great time.  I just hate that I’m so left-brain at times.  I had lots of moral absolutes and a poor mouth/brain filter.  She was looking for a shot glass for her dad, and unlike many teenagers, I really only drank once (well after this trip) before I was legally able to do so.  I said something stupid, but I still relished in the day.  They sold brass roses at the fair, and you could get a perfumed cotton ball in it to smell like a rose as well.  It does to this day.  I intended to give it to my long-time crush, but I could never find the courage to do so.  I could slay the dragon, hit the target with a throwing knife, but I could never muster the courage to give it to her because I feared the rejection so much.


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