Slaying Dragons and Saving the Princesses

We all had to study William Shakespeare in High School and Middle School.  Othello, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and of course, Romeo & Juliet.  A lot of schools will go and try to reinforce these lessons with more interactive sessions, generally focused around the Renaissance period.  As a result, for several years in a… Continue reading Slaying Dragons and Saving the Princesses

The Story of the Rose

In my room at home, there’s a brass rose.  Gently colored red petals and green leaves, it has no thorns.  Perfumed it will smell forever and never wilt.  It is timeless and unchanging.  I got it in high school, my freshman or sophomore year in the fall.  I meant to give it to someone, someone… Continue reading The Story of the Rose

The Love of My Life (Is a Shady Lady)

That’s how one of favorite songs begins.  It’s the truth of the love of my life.  I’m not really sure she was ever real.  I met her through a chat room.  I talked with someone, and they “introduced us”.  The problem was, I was living in the southern US, and she was a Canadian.  The… Continue reading The Love of My Life (Is a Shady Lady)