Joe started his casual job as a 2nd Lieutenant, and Nicole took care of the apartment.  She signed up as a substitute teacher to get her out while Joe was working.  They would spend their nights and weekends together.  They didn’t have much.  The apartment looked like a mismatched garage sale.  A table from an… Continue reading Fifteen


“You’re dismissed!”  The Superintendant yelled as the Thunderbirds screamed overhead and caps flew into the air. Joe was the happiest cadet in the stadium.  He ran toward the stands and found her red hair coming toward hime.  “I’m so proud of you.” He grabbed her as she jumped into his arms and kissed her.  He… Continue reading Fourteen


Ring dance late junior year was the epitome of social life for the Cadet at the Academy.  He flew her out.  It was a bit funny when he introduced her to his old roommate, and they both had the same dress.  Needless to say, the night was wonderful.  Pictures on the Terrazzo, a beautiful sunset. … Continue reading Thirteen