Samantha a poem before you sleep

Samantha a poem before you sleep, To make your dreams nice and your slumber deep. May all your hopes and wishes come true, And the sun be bright the next time it shines for you. May you have open arms that care, And friendship to share, And love to last a lifetime through. So when… Continue reading Samantha a poem before you sleep

The Story of the Rose

In my room at home, there’s a brass rose.  Gently colored red petals and green leaves, it has no thorns.  Perfumed it will smell forever and never wilt.  It is timeless and unchanging.  I got it in high school, my freshman or sophomore year in the fall.  I meant to give it to someone, someone… Continue reading The Story of the Rose

The Love of My Life (Is a Shady Lady)

That’s how one of favorite songs begins.  It’s the truth of the love of my life.  I’m not really sure she was ever real.  I met her through a chat room.  I talked with someone, and they “introduced us”.  The problem was, I was living in the southern US, and she was a Canadian.  The… Continue reading The Love of My Life (Is a Shady Lady)