After that deployment, Joe went back to Little Rock for upgrade training.  He was an aircraft commander.  At the same time, Caitlyn was young, but Nicky was more tired than usual along with a few other anomalies.  She lost a lot of weight and had pains.   She went in to the doctor.  They diagnosed her… Continue reading Nineteen


Sophomore year is tough.  For Joe it was crushing.  He was deflated, lonely, tired.  Training the next class, and the academic load put huge strains on him.  Without Nicole, he was irritable and unfocused.  He was hardly the guy he was supposed to be.  He was a lost puppy.  Struggling through the year, he missed… Continue reading Ten


Summers were short but sweet.  After freshman year, Joe had survival training.  It was practice POW camp.  She was his foundation and Achilles heel.  The survival part wasn’t bad.  He did some scouting growing up, so it was hungry camping.  Groups were divided by social security numbers, so he was with other cadets from the… Continue reading Nine