After that deployment, Joe went back to Little Rock for upgrade training.  He was an aircraft commander.  At the same time, Caitlyn was young, but Nicky was more tired than usual along with a few other anomalies.  She lost a lot of weight and had pains.   She went in to the doctor.  They diagnosed her… Continue reading Nineteen


After that first deployment he decided to get a tattoo.  He was worried that if he went down, that he wouldn’t have anything to tie him to his love.  They sanitized their uniforms before flights.  The Taliban were notoriously cruel to Americans if they let them live.  He decided on a Celtic rose over his… Continue reading Eighteen


Ring dance late junior year was the epitome of social life for the Cadet at the Academy.  He flew her out.  It was a bit funny when he introduced her to his old roommate, and they both had the same dress.  Needless to say, the night was wonderful.  Pictures on the Terrazzo, a beautiful sunset. … Continue reading Thirteen